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ITG Extreme Team.

Work hard, play harder. ITG Team members pride themselves on pushing the envelope in the office and on the field.
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Immediate release. (Plano, Texas) ITG xTreme Team prepares for the upcoming 2010 Cowtown Classic.

With newly acquired training tools and an official

"Boston" qualifier, team ITG is ready.. !

Shaken-Bake Jason "Ace" Wingard , in his second marathon since running cross country in college will lead the team with is 3:10 Boston Qualifier pace.

"Magic Man" and "el Diablo" also going for the gold with new PRs for this event. Braconnier is coming off of an injury riddled season at the White Rock full and 1/2 Marathon events and has completed 3 months of rehab at the Capital One training center. The future looks bright for Team xTreme as they plan on returning with additional members from Verizon and the Dallas based organization.

The ITG team will continue to get Jason and Scott ready for the 2010 Ironman season.

What's Next After an IRONMAN ?

With the remaining 140.6 mile events locked up for 2008. There are two remaining events hold JANUS slots. The November version of Arizona and Idaho. Plus the age old question. If you can do it once, can you do it again ? The answer is obvious...

Do it again...Target event is November 2009, Panama City Florida

ProPac Marketing and Extranet gets new "Look and Feel"

ITG Services Ported the new look and feel for the ProPac Marketing web site to the Extranet application portal supporting their National and Regional Sampling Events.

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ITG Extreme - Team

All eyes are on Fort Worth, Texas as ITG prepares for the 2010 Cowtown Classic, February 27th 2010.

The ITG team completes the 2009 Austin Marathon with Wingard qualifying for Boston.

ITG completes 2008 Ford IRONMAN Arizona .
14hr / 12min. Record breaking temperatures cause athletes to second guess desire to finish.
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Katrina 'Bianchi' Update

Bianchi "Eros" will not be used in the Arizona 2008. With too much work needed to get the back into peak performnace; the Bianchi will sit this one out then get the new wheel bearings have the faulty aerobars removed. »  More.

SharePoint Updates

CapitalOne Direct Bank to join the current sites being support by SharePoint. 
Currently, Bank, National Direct Bank, Home Loans and the regional Call Centers have become paperless using this technology.
Direct Bank in Baton Rouge to go live in January 2009 bringing the total number of supported sites to 60.

ProPac Marketing

ProPac Marketing begins using ITG Automation ToolKit with QuickBooks Pro 2007©.

New Projects

ProPac upgrades SBS 2003 to MOSS 2007 to replace custom Toolkit and Extranet Fulfillment Application.