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Scott Braconnier

completes the Ford IRONMAN 2008 Arizona Ironman (April 13th, 2008) event in 14 hrs 12 mins in the most extreme weather conditions in recent history. With temperatures soaring from 70 to 104 degrees during the first 5 hours of the event combined with high winds made for the toughest challenge yet. Braconnier placed 37th in his bracket and 1045th overall to complete the 2 1/2 year journey.

Out of 2500 athletes who started the event, 700 DNF'd due to the heat and wind conditions. Braconnier always trained in extreme conditions, cold, rain, heat or windy conditions but never multiple extremes at the same time. I didn't drive 2,100 miles to quit and I may not have the best gear, but I wanted it more than they did.

2007 California Oceanside event (March 31st, Oceanside, CA) in 7 hrs 4 minutes.

Completes the Dave Scott TexasMan 1/2 IronMan in 5hr. 36 mins. (Sept 16th, 2007) trimming off 2 hours from California.

Cedar Creek Training Camp
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  • "Pain is temporary - crossing the finish line lasts forever".
  • "Quitting is a Disease..."
  • "Quitters go home with nothing but excuses and regrets...".
  • "Second place is the first loser"
  • "A Loser isnt the last person in the race, its the person afraid to enter
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Turkey Trot 2006
  • Pre Turkey Trot 2006 warm ups.

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